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About The Calculator

The Busway Value Calculator has been developed to help customers determine if Cutler-Hammer Pow-R-Way III Busway or cable and conduit is the most cost-effective solution for any given application. This user-friendly tool does a side-by-side total installed cost comparison between busway and cable and conduit. With the light-weight, compact design of Pow-R-Way III Busway and the high fluctuating cost of cable, there are significant labor cost savings resulting in an overall installed cost savings over cable and conduit systems.

The Busway Value Calculator utilizes the NECA labor rate unit system to help calculate the labor costs associated with installing cable and conduit systems as well as busway systems. There are no hidden tricks and the user has full control of the comparison. While default pricing is included, all data, from the NECA labor unit values to material costs, can be adjusted to match your costs and efficiencies. This also allows you to see cost impacts as different variables change within the system. Based upon your fully burdened labor rate and material costs, the calculator configures a material cost comparison, labor cost comparison and total cost comparison with bills of material.

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